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 A good backup for games is always important to secure them. R4 DS has backup programs that do not only save the games but also the all the other files found in the micro SD card. All you need to do is to plug the micro SD card reader with the memory card in it to the computer.

The R4 DS software is available online and can be downloaded to your computer. The software can be easily saved to your micro SD card. If you want to see the entire process played out for you, there are tutorial videos that you can also find online, especially in YouTube. All the R4 DS features make the gaming experience even richer and provide you with the ability to save more multimedia files like songs and movies. This allows you to enjoy these files even if you are mobile.

There are different packages offering R4 DS too, with each package containing the R4 DS card and a memory card. This might even be the best bundle that you can get.
The R4 DS card has two versions available, which are R4 and R4i. R4 is used for both Nintendo DS Lite and DS, while R4i is only used for Nintendo DS Lite. These two versions though are sold with a memory card in their bundles.

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