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R4DS + SD Memory Card Packages

SuperCard DSTWO 3DS - an alternative to R4 DS / R4i DSi flash cards

The basic: R4DS was designed for the original Nintendo DS (NDS) and later versions like R4 SDHC and R4 v2 were adopted to work on DS Lite but for the Nintendo DSi you needed to buy a whole new upgradable R4i DSi flash card that could keep up with all the online firmware updates that DSi introduced. Now most R4i DSi cards got updates to make them Nintendo 3DS compatible, but what about alternatives that add more than just compatibility with the new consoles? Here we have the SuperCard DSTWO that brings flash cards to a whole new level by incorporating in it a DivX Player, extra CPU for GBA, SNES, MAME and PC DOS emulation along with the usual MP3 playback and 8-bit emulator Apps.

supercard dstwo 3dsThis is a Nintendo 3DS R4 flash card that works with Nintendo DS, DSi, SNES and GBA games. It can be used to listen to MP3, read eBooks, watch movies and play other media files. The best thing about using SuperCard DSTWO is that you can use plug-ins on the main menu. This enables you to directly point software and emulators on the menu. You can easily identify them despite the other files on the console. The flash card is usually packed in a simple box. The bundle has the SC3DS flash card, a USB memory card reader for the micro SD memory card and a user’s manual to help you set up the flash card so you can start playing games on your 3DS. Download 3DS games from the Internet, unzip the DS ROM torrent games, save them to the micro SD memory card and start playing games. This also means that you can save photos, videos, TXT files, eBooks and movies to the memory card and play these files on your 3DS.
Here are the main features of the SuperCard DSTWO flash card:

  • Realtime save (with more stability for 3D games)
  • Realtime cheat codes
  • Realtime game guide
  • Multiple saves of up to four slots
  • Built-in SNES emulator
  • Built-in GBA emulator
  • Free cheat function (find cheats and use them even while you are on a game)
  • Slow motion with four levels of adjustment
  • File management functions (cut, copy and paste file names for better organization)
  • Intelligent clean mode
  • Detect memory card speed
  • Automatically detect save types
  • eBook reader for files such as JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TXT and PDF
  • Latest exclusive feature: No patch needed and hardware defense against piracy

The software has a slick menu modeled after the DSi menu. It also has a purple color that makes it more attractive to look at. You can easily navigate the user friendly menu, where you can launch your games, emulators and homebrews. You just need to tap the icon of the function that you want to use. It has drag and drop play for setting up games for your DS console or GBA. Setting up plug-ins only requires you to put an emulator or homebrew on the flash card, add the plug-in that has the .ini file and tap the icon. When you start playing games, you no longer need patching. The clean ROMS can help you play the games in a simple manner. The development team behind SC 3DS is still developing new things for the software and repairing the old items for a smoother operation on the part of the flash card. The team is always updating the flash card while the homebrew community never stops working on new games, emulators and plug ins, such as clocks, organizers, and other applications.

sc dstwo canada

How the SuperCard DSTWO Built-in GBA Emulator Works

The built-in GBA emulator in SuperCard DSTWO is compatible with most DS games. The emulator works well as it is but there is still a need for a few tweaks. Some games run smoothly while others encounter graphical glitches, though just minor ones. The emulators are still having problems with some games, but every version released is an improvement from the previous one. You need to use the emulator if you are using GBA with a slot-1 option. SuperCard DSTWO is the only flash cart with a slot-1 option that offers GBA emulation. It has additional features like cheat codes and frame skip options. But it would have been better for the card to have a full screen playback for games played in GBA and a larger screen for games in DSi and DSi XL. There are also other features like the game 24-hour clock and the real time saves.

SC DSTWO Game Backup Compatibility

It is obvious that a flash card made by the SuperCard team will not have so many issues with game backup compatibility. I experimented with a variety of games made from different regions to test the flash card. I observed that all the Nintendo DS game back ups that I tested worked just fine and played well on the console. It was easy to test several games because of how they can be easily run on the gaming unit.
The flash card’s build is of fair quality due to the use of a thin plastic. The screw is only held together by a screw. If this comes loose, the unit will easily break apart. The spring in the slot is quite stiff but it still holds the micro SD card securely. The card is packed in a simple but elegant box that also contains the card, USB card reader and user’s guide. The memory card has to be bought separately. The SuperCard DSTWO flash card can be used by a beginner and advanced player. It has drag and drop options for games and advanced plug-ins that can be used to start up emulators, applications and games. The menu system can be personalized to your taste too. The display and picture icons on the menu only made it look even better. These icons also follow the same ease by which the DS menu works. The GBA emulator that is built in to the flash card works fine though it also needs some adjustments for certain games. The built in eBook reader can also be used in just a few clicks. There were only a few games among the DS games that I trued that showed some technical glitches or played slowly in the console. These could be due to the differences in the speed if the micro SD card used.
I also tested some homebrew games and find out some games that encountered problems with the flash card. However, the latest homebrews are already designed to be used as plug-ins to the SuperCard DSTWO flash card. As a result, this made a slick and easy to use menu on the console. However, the best thing about this flash card is that it can play GBA games using a slot-1 card. This is a very useful feature to DSi and DSi XL users that do not have a slot-2 option. The SuperCard DSTWO flash card is a good feature, with more positive things expected from it in the months to come. Though it has some glitches with GBA and homebrew emulation, it has excellent performance in its Nintendo DS game back up compatibility. I would gladly recommend the use of SuperCard DSTWO for DSi, DSi XL or DS Lite users.

SuperCard DSTWO 3DS Advantages:

  • High Nintendo DS games compatibility
  • GBA games compatibility
  • Bundled with a quick start guide and a micro SD card reader
  • Simple to use when playing Nintendo DS and GBA games
  • Lots of features and options that are useful for advanced players
  • Nice menu system

SuperCard DSTWO 3DS Disadvantages:

  • Build quality is only fair since the card seems to be fragile
  • Available only at a high price range, with a price that is two to three times more than any average flash card
  • GBA game slowdown
  • Fancy features might be too complicated to inexperienced and average users

Where to Buy DSTWO in Canada

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In searching for Nintendo games online, you might expect that this will go smoothly and to your convenience. However, this has not always been the case especially if you cannot find a reliable online store. Internet shopping offers a simple and convenient method of getting what you really want. If you need R4 cards, you can order them online and wait for their delivery. The good thing is that after adding the flash card to your shopping cart, you can simply pay using your credit card, debit card, PayPal or Google Checkout. Make sure that you can choose an online store that prioritizes security. All the transactions and payments are managed by a trusted group of payment providers, who usually secure their website with 128bit security from Geotrust. In order to help buyers from our website, we have the resources to walk you through the process of running the R4 card. We also have the latest updates about R4 which you can find through our newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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